CCYC 2018

Cost: $165 (Payment options available) 

Who: 6-12th grade students

When: February 16-18

Where: Winston-Salem, NC

What: CCYC is a weekend-long youth conference that connects students to each other and to Jesus. 


Here are some way you can connect with your student and their trip to CCYC! 

Before CCYC:

Take your son/daughter out to grab coffee or ice cream. In that trip be present in their lives. Some great questions are:

  • What has God been teaching you?
  • Are you excited about CCYC? What are you most excited about?
  • Are you nervous for CCYC? What are you most scared of?
  • What do you think you will learn?
  • The theme is The Difference. Share what God has been teaching you, share the moment that it first clicked that Jesus is who He says He is. Talk about pursuing the Lord in your life and create dialogue about the coming weeks.

During CCYC:

  • Pray. Pray. Pray. That God is using the leaders, other students, speakers, band, break out class teachers to equip your student to do some mighty kingdom work. Pray that they are given the words to say and that your child's heart is ready to receive whatever it is that God will teach them at CCYC.

After CCYC:

  • Go back to the first conversation you had with your child about CCYC. What fears did God take away? The thing that they were excited about, how did that go? Or did something else become  their favorite part?

  • Ask what God taught them that week? What is something that God is revealing in their heart?

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