FRom 7-10PM

$5 Admission for           

               3 hours of fun

FOR STUDENTS IN           

                 6-12TH GRADE

Q: What is The Attic?

A: The Attic is a location and a event. The Attic is where our student ministry takes place on our campus. The Attic is also a event for 6-12th grade students that take place on Friday nights.

Q: When is The Attic open?

A: The Attic is open every Friday night from 7-10PM. Sometimes we have to close due to special circumstances. We'll do a good job of letting you know when we are closed.

Q: What happens in The Attic?

A: The Attic is place to have fun and hangout with friends in a safe, positive, and encouraging environment. At The Attic, you can play lots of different games like dodgeball, basketball, and 9 Square in the Air. You can play video games, ping-pong, or shoot some pool. You can also have a good time hanging out in The Attic Cafe enjoying a beverage, a snack, or some pizza.


Q: What happens on the weekends?

A: On Sundays, middle and high school students participate in small groups. Our whole idea behind small groups is for students to have people their age they can do life together with. Smalls groups happen at 10:30AM on Sunday mornings.


Q: How do I volunteer?

A: Sign up. Make it through the background check. Have a meeting with our student minister. Boom. You are now investing in the next generation.


Q: How do I or my student sign up for events/trips?

A: Every event we go will have an online registration that you can get to through our website or social media. We'll do our best letting you know about the events we go on. 


    Text the phrase "attictext" to 95577 to get text about The Attic.